I am facing a typical problem. I have rooted my android kitkat (4.4.2) device with kingo root and now I have a system application named superuser on it. The superuser app is unable to give root access to applications. So, I installed supersu from play store. And, I got to an error message like this su binary occupied.

Then, I searched a lot on youtube and web, but nothing came to be useful. Because, when I installed a previous version of supersu as directed in youtube, it asked to me update su binaries and I tapped normal. It just got started, but my phone doesn't rebooted. (The device is having only 512 mb of ram with very poor specifications and performance). It is not possible for it to perform such actions!

The phone is Intex cloud 3G gem. Can someone help me to do it without pc! Now I have bought a new phone samsung j7 nxt and I am waiting for the warranty to end and so that I can root it.

  • Please help other people to understand your question, by describing the problem clearly and giving the exact error messages you saw. What you've written is a stream of consciousness and our experts are unlikely to put in the extra effort needed to even follow what you're saying. – Dan Hulme Feb 20 '18 at 16:08

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