i have to check when my phone's "messages" app was accessed last night? i had 4 new messages but i have neither seen their notification on my mobile screen nor the small "4" written on messages app on home screen. i have tried other ways like checking if my phone's app was already opened/my friend's message conversation was opened and i slpt? no these are not the reasons of not receiving notification on screen because i have tested each of them by sending messages from other phone to my phone and in every case i got notification on screen.

Because i'm in a hostel and i doubt someone has checked my messages that's why i didn't see any notification this morning is there any way i can check at which times my messaging app was accessed? is there any system log for that? i need to check whether it was accessed between 4:00 AM to 6:AM today.

i'm using samsung J5 (10) 2GB ram. 16Gb rom. Android Version: 6.0.1

  • I'm sure this question has been asked and answered before, but I can't find the original. – Dan Hulme Feb 21 '18 at 11:03
  • it would be great if you can give me the link? – vampz Feb 21 '18 at 11:03
  • also i have searched got some codes to dial and check but they didn't work – vampz Feb 21 '18 at 11:04
  • Yes, it would be great, but as I said, I can't find the original. – Dan Hulme Feb 21 '18 at 11:29
  • ok but in case you remember what was written in it any idea? – vampz Feb 22 '18 at 6:09

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