How do I know which "Bluetooth Profiles" are available on my Android device?

Is there any terminal command to list all "Bluetooth Profiles" supported by Bluetooth Stack present in Android device?

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With USB debugging enabled,

adb shell dumpsys bluetooth_manager | grep Profile`

Output on a Mi 10i is as follows:

Profile: GattService
Profile: HeadsetService
Profile: A2dpService
Profile: HidHostService
Profile: PanService
Profile: BluetoothMapService
Profile: HidDeviceService
Profile: BluetoothOppService
Profile: BluetoothPbapService
Profile: HearingAidService

Have you tried sdptool?

This link has sdptool command syntax. You can issue the command even from the ADB shell on your connected Android phone. But I guess this requires the other Bluetooth devices. But this will be good starting point for you.

  • sdptool is also available on linux. You could run it under linux to query the Bluetooth MAC of your Android device for available services/profiles
    – Flow
    Feb 16, 2012 at 12:59

Enable developer options and then look under Settings > Developer Options for Bluetooth Audio Codec and tap that. That should give you the list of available codecs.

Here's mine:
Bluetooth Audio Codec menu

Here is the official documentation for those options (check here first for the latest info).

  • Bluetooth Audio Codec: Adjust the sound quality (codec) of your devices by selecting one of the following codecs:
    • SBC: Transfers data to Bluetooth audio output devices such as headphones and speakers.
    • AAC: Provides better sound quality from wired devices than MP3 at similar bit rates.
    • aptX: Provides a wireless sound in high-quality smartphones, speakers, soundbars, headphones, and tablets.
    • aptX HD: Provides high-resolution streaming to Bluetooth devices.
    • LDAC: Provides high-quality music listening over wireless connections.

It kinda describes each codec, but it's unfortunately not clear on what it means to select them.

I assume selecting one codec will force its use. (But what if a device doesn't support that one?) The default either always uses a static default setting (aptX on mine) (same question), or dynamically selects the best codec for the device and application.

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