I've been getting pop-ups in the lock screen of my "Huawei Honor 6X" like this:


The notifications appear at random times. There is nothing else on the pop-up other than the smiley face made of ASCII characters and an OK button. The UI does not even look genuine.

Any idea what does it mean or what could it be creating these messages?

It is running EMUI version 5.0.1, Android version 7.0 and Android's November 6 2017 security patch.

UPDATE: The Notification History app did not register any app producing this pop-up. Her is another screenshot of the pop-up.

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  • Have you checked for an app named Google Opinion Rewards on your device? That's what the notification mentions. Or are you rather asking about the dialog at the bottom? (For terms, see Popups, dialogs, notifications, toasts: what's the difference? :) In the latter case, the app @beeshyams mentioned probably won't help much. – Izzy Feb 27 '18 at 10:18
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    @beeshyams "ugly pop-up with an smiley face" certainly rather applies to the dialog at the bottom of the screen. Didn't know that "notification history" covers those as well, as the name rather suggests "notifications". – Izzy Feb 27 '18 at 12:13
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    Yeah, the Google Opinion Rewards notification is unrelated. The Smiley face appears regardless of what other notifications I have in the lock screen. I'm trying Notification history now. Thanks. – kiewic Feb 27 '18 at 16:33
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    @beeshyams not yet, the smiley face has not appeared in the last two days. I'll keep you updated. – kiewic Mar 1 '18 at 17:34
  • @beeshyams Unfortunately the Notification History app did not register what app launched the smiley face pop-up. – kiewic Mar 4 '18 at 0:56

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