Silent mode is simple to toggle quickly and easily, but it only effects ringtone volume. I want it to work for media volume too, so I can use it to quickly toggle off game audio in public places. Is this possible? Or is there another simple solution? I have a Google Experience phone, so manufacturer-custom UI elements are no help.


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RealSilent may do the trick for you:

Battery-friendly background service that will automatically mute
the media volume on your phone when you change the ringer to silent.

- Ability to mute on silent mode, as well as vibrate.
- Ability to restore media volume to what it was before going to silent/vibrate.

There's a bug report for this issue, but it hasn't been acknowledged by Google.


With Audio Muter you should be able to set the media volume to silent, however it's a paid app.


Audio Manager (free) and Audio Manager Pro ($2.99) fully solve this issue very cleanly. It gives complete control over haptic feedback and the 6 distinct audio volume controls (including media volume), and lets you construct profiles that can be toggled with one-click widgets.

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