My metro pcs LG stylo 2 plus' andriod system 7.0 system app(q memo plus and pen settings) keeps asking me to grant a permission request(to draw over other apps)-pen setting-& Q-memo plus,keeps asking to access its files on my google drive in my notifications.When i opened myGoogle drive app to see what files q-memo plus had - q memo plus stopped asking .even though i never granted the permissionI rarely use them , & haven't at all recently .

When i go to the apps settings the permissions button is greyed out and wont open, it says "no permission requested" ; which i know isnt true, because the apps manifest list a broad range of permissions;all of which all seem like huge potential attack areas to exploit ;There is an "draw over other apps permission button at the bottom of (Q memo + ) in the apps settings ,but I have most apps in which im allowed to ;turned that option off.

Also there have been unusual urls that my apps have been connecting to ;one from an internet service proveder in pakistan supposedly; also (the pre-installed )lookout A.V app, keeps trying to connect to "captive apple.com" (ive never owned nor used apple products or services).

Also there are apps that are running in the background that i never use like: wifi calling ,download manager,download media storage ,lg mobile switch, p2p,NFC,2(?) Preinstalled Mobile hotspot apps, which I never use and have turned off.

@one point my gallery was running and a delete picture app I've never seen on my phone running.

When I've turned on developers options and then turned on show cpu usage, it only shows com.andriod systemui and nothing else like it previously did .

I only download from googleplay despite getting several types of malware from them.

I found them (the potential malware )with 2 versions of virus total for android; 1 is. By funny cat the other is by virus total themselves. The funnycat Version works better, not by much though; & both ,especially lately, havent been working & wont connect to links like android observatory .Or i can only scan certain files . also,there are still apps on my phone flagged as malware or p.u.p. That at least a few (10- 11 A.V's? from Virus Total) That says the "ghostery" app usually flagged as as "metaspliot GDIZF" or listed as riskware by other A.V company's - There is also two system apps ctsshim(?) & ctsshim..priv ,that when i click on the app in the virus total app (either one) to see which A.V has flagged it, or listed it as being; the apps turns off ,and neither will let me see what company has flagged it.

Should I factory reset ? Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance.

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