There is a bug in Android 4.3 and it is said to have been fixed in Android 4.4.

How can I know how it is fixed?


Update 2018/03/01:

I searched with the keyword "mCurMethod" in gerrit and seems to find the related changes to fix it.

It is the commit. https://android-review.googlesource.com/c/platform/frameworks/base/+/68103

But IMHO, it is not merged into master because of merge conflicts.

How do we know how AOSP fixes it?

Git log in framework/base seems a lot of commit and is hard to locate the specific commit.


The Google Issuetracker offers an easy way to know the status of an issue: the sidebar.

Like any other issue tracking software, there are many different statuses an issue can be in.
To help clarify the status even more, there is a switch that tells whether or not an issue has been resolved and the changes are in "production" (ie. the current codebase of the project)

For your specific issue, the status is as follows:

Won't Fix (Obsolete)
In Prod

This means that the issue hasn't been solved and will never be solved. It's probably not an issue anymore.

  • I think the issue once exists cause I met it before. And I found a possible commit for it (plz see my update) but it seems to be rejected because of merge conflicts. So how can I know how AOSP solves the issue. – Francis Bacon Mar 1 '18 at 4:06

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