My Galaxy phone got stolen today. Of course I blocked my SIM card and changed my password for GMail (and went to the police) but is this enough? Could the person that stole my phone still log in to my market and download stuff? Not sure what the deal is for that and I'm really freaking out about how much this person could possibly do with my phone.

Also about the payment: I never bought any apps (I only downloaded free ones). How does this payment work? Is that also blocked if your SIM card is blocked?

And is there a way to delete "My Market" account?


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You should check out Lookout's Plan B app. It lets you find your phone after it is lost.

I would recommend using Seekdroid or Where's my Droid in the future.


In addition to changing the password, you should go to the market on the web and "deactivate the device."

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    There has never been any way to do this on the Market's website. You can hide devices from the menus but you cannot remove them from your account unless this has changed very recently. Commented Feb 10, 2012 at 18:01

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