I've created a custom boot animation:

  1. Create animation with Blender, render all the frames 1080 x 1920, PNG.
  2. Convert them to JPG.
  3. Store frame 0 to 123 to folder part0, store frame 124 to folder part1.
  4. Create desc.txt with content (every line ends with <LF>):

    1080 1920 24
    p 1 0 part0
    p 0 0 part1
  5. Store all that into bootanimation.zip (mode: Store), almost 10 MB.
  6. Copy it onto the SD card and copy it to /system/media/ with TWRP.

When I reboot the phone, it displays the animation okay, but then slows down (still during the first loop), halts, and reboots after a few seconds.

Is there anything I've done wrong? The phone is a Fairphone 2, running Fairphone Open with the newest TWRP and encrypted data partition.

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For me, the solution was to shrink the frames by half (540*960) but leaving the description text as it was – it seems that it just was too much data.

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