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How can I circumvent regional restrictions in the Android Market?

Google just released Chrome for Android and I want to use it. But, for some (pretty irrational) reason, it is only available to certain countries. I therefore need to change mine. How do I do that?


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Factory reset. However if you set up your phone to avoid roaming. Then it wouldn't matter. Had to ask this when I got my phone rushed it on the dealer and it was set on US even though I am in Canada, and I had to call customer service.


You can try this: -Use an android cook rom (Cyanogen), try Rom Manager to simplify the process.

-Use Market enabler to fake some other providers (Verizon/ AT&T etc, but change to those two makes Google Market thinks your phone is in US).

Or you can try installing the beta version of Chrome that is already leaked on xda

Remember ICS only, lower version of Android OS will lead to apk parse error.

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