I'm using Google Pixel XL / Android 8.1.0 w/ March 5, 2018 security patch level.

Yet, I've got following pop-up on my screen:

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Per Play Protect - "Looks good" - No harmful apps found.

I understand one of way to go about it is to do Factory Reset, however is there another way which doesn't involve Factory Reset?

I'm not really sure, how this virus got on my phone at the first place as I don't install anything outside of Play Store, any ideas what can be done to avoid this in future?

Please advise.

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    There are no real Android viruses, these are simply malware or redirect issues. Even if there was, a webpage could not "detect" them. Wipe Chrome's cache, restart, and avoid the sites giving you this pop-up ad and do NOT under any circumstances download the "recommended" app or link on the page. See android.stackexchange.com/questions/190027/… for more information – acejavelin Mar 12 '18 at 21:35

It it absolutely nothing to worry. Feel at ease and close that shitting tab.

There's a special word, or terminology, for this kind of behavior of a random webpage, "scareware". Scaring pages frighten and threaten you by telling you that you're in danger, and try to make you download their promoted software (or even a real virus - though that's rare but that does happen from time to time).

Next time whenever you see something like this, close the tab with confidence. You're in no real danger. It's just a fake page.


I've seen these windrows in the past. Not sure if its a virus or just a popup trying to get you to download one.

When it came up on mine, it came up simultaneously with a window I "DID" ask for. I closed the window with those messages, and moved to what I actually clicked on.

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