The message I get is "Failed to send message. Review and send again". I've tried entering the correct smsc number, allowing premium access , nothing has worked.

I'm able to send sms to normal phone numbers.

Ps: I tried the sim in another phone., I couldn't send it from there too.

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    Contact your carrier to see if it's included in your phone plan – aBochur Mar 12 '18 at 22:19

I had the same issue, turns out the problem was due to my mobile balance. I had unlimited recharge package which always showed 0 balance hence the messages were not going out for these kind of numbers that are chargeable. I recharged my mobile and voila, the message got sent.

  • "Unlimited pack is not applicable to call/sms for special numbers (starting 1860 and 567*****). For contacting special number you need to maintain minimum balance in your account( Rs. 05/-)." - From Airtel customer service today. – vishvAs vAsuki Oct 28 '19 at 4:59

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