I'm having an issue with the backup, I did it fine yesterday and managed to back up the folder that contained the databases. I then successfully converted the backup.ab file to a backup.tar file and got to see the files. Today however, every time I do the adb backup command and allow the 'back up my data' option on the device all I seem to get is a 1kb file.

In the time in between the two back ups the device has had no wi-fi connection and been on aeroplane mode, therefore it can not have updated the app to change the 'android:allowbackup' to become false.

I am trying to pull off all kik messenger databases using ADB, the device is rooted but Kik.android is not debuggable so i cant seem to use the "run-as" method.

I am using the following commands:

adb backup -noapk /data/data/kik.android/databases/

What am I doing wrong???

I have included a screenshot, on the left is the first backup I did and that I got the databases fine, the command prompt shows that the files are there on the device and the command I used and the bottom window shows the output of the backup.ab file being a 1kb file.

Please help as its driving me crazy. enter image description here

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    Can you try adb backup -f kik.ab -noapk kik.android? Should result in a file called kik.ab which should be larger than 1kb. I wonder how your quoted command could have succeeded before – as adb backup expects the package name as parameter, not some directory name.
    – Izzy
    Mar 13, 2018 at 15:17
  • Exactly, @kelvingoodram may have confused adb backup with adb pull. (But with adb pull, you might have permission issues.)
    – v6ak
    Mar 13, 2018 at 20:58


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