Let's say my daughter's name is Danny. But she/we spell it Dani. Every time I use her name in VTT it is misspelled Danny and I have to correct it. PITA. I've tried adding the name correctly spelled to the dictionary but that doesn't help. She is in my contacts and if I say "text Dani" it works correctly. But on VTT no dice.

I have LG G4 running Android 6.0 version LS991ZVI using Gboard. Yes I know it's an old phone but I love it and hate that the newer versions don't have the omnifunction button on the back.

Can someone please help?


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With Gboard, there's currently no option to correct the voice typing directly so that saying "Danny" writes "Dani".

The closest option is to add some entry in the Gboard personal dictionary to fix the already transcribed text (screenshots from Android 12 + Pixel 6 to fix "Frank" into "Franck", thanks user1874594 for showing me this trick):

Then you'll see the fixed word as a suggestion (only after the voice typing stopped being active):

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