I need to record the screen of an specific app that won't let me do for security reasons. Generally I'd use AZ Screen Recorder but it appears black in this app.

I know it's possible to install some things or plug into the computer to record, but is there a way to disable this record protection on the specific app using adb? Maybe change a flag or something?

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There are two possibilities:

  1. Modify the app removing the screenshot protection. However this is not that simple, as the protection is not application-wide but can be set for every activity (screen in the app) individually. Furthermore the protection can be set using the layout definition (xml in the resource) and/or using Java code (FLAG_SECURE). Both could be accomplished using apktool to decompile, modify, recompile, and sign the app - but this requires a lot of knowledge.

  2. Use a rooted device and a screen recorder that can make use of root permissions. Usually this bypasses the screenshot protection.

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