I just got a message from my cell provider that the official Gingerbread release is out for the Samsung Captivate. I recently rooted my phone so I could install non market apps. Will I have to un root to upgrade, and after I have is there a tool that will let me re root? All the Google searches I did brought up old results.

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To install non market apps, u dont need to root your phone . :\ I dont think u need to unroot your device for updating it through samsung kies. But after updating to Gingerbread, your device is automatically unrooted.

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  • On a Captivate you actually did originally need to root (or use a PC application like the Sideload Wonder Machine). AT&T prevented you from sideloading apps by default, though I think the 2.3 update lifted that restriction. – eldarerathis Mar 6 '12 at 15:21

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