What I'd like to see:

  • When idling, the screen turns off after the configured amount of time.

What I see:

  • When I don't do anything, the screen dims a bit after ~23 seconds, then at 30 seconds it turns off as expected.

I have no idea why this dimming short before the screen timeout happens and where to disable it.

My settings:

  • Automatic Brightness disabled, brightness set to the lowest level.
  • Screen time-out at 30 seconds.
  • Auto adjust screen power disabled.
  • Timeout for lock screen is zero (Immediately).
  • Use Power saving mode is enabled (it sets the screen brightness to 10% at less than 20% battery power left). Disabling it had no effect.

This happens with Android 2.3.6 (no idea if it worked before the update).


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It's to alert you that the screen's about to turn off. It's more useful when your timeout is longer than 30 seconds, certainly. I would assume you'd need a custom kernel or at least to root and edit some config files in order to prevent this, I don't believe there's anything in Settings for it.


I suggest the Screen On app. I use it when I don't want the screen to dim or turn off, because I want to be able to instantly pause the playback on my audiobook without having to first hit the power button,then swiping the screen.

When you want it to revert to a more power-saving mode, you can turn the app off again from the notification bar. It isn't customizable to allow it to dim after a specified time, but it will keep it from dimming at all. Better than nothing!

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