What I'd like to see:

  • When idling, the screen turns off after the configured amount of time.

What I see:

  • When I don't do anything, the screen dims a bit after ~23 seconds, then at 30 seconds it turns off as expected.

I have no idea why this dimming short before the screen timeout happens and where to disable it.

My settings:

  • Automatic Brightness disabled, brightness set to the lowest level.
  • Screen time-out at 30 seconds.
  • Auto adjust screen power disabled.
  • Timeout for lock screen is zero (Immediately).
  • Use Power saving mode is enabled (it sets the screen brightness to 10% at less than 20% battery power left). Disabling it had no effect.

This happens with Android 2.3.6 (no idea if it worked before the update).


It's to alert you that the screen's about to turn off. It's more useful when your timeout is longer than 30 seconds, certainly. I would assume you'd need a custom kernel or at least to root and edit some config files in order to prevent this, I don't believe there's anything in Settings for it.


I suggest the Screen On app. I use it when I don't want the screen to dim or turn off, because I want to be able to instantly pause the playback on my audiobook without having to first hit the power button,then swiping the screen.

When you want it to revert to a more power-saving mode, you can turn the app off again from the notification bar. It isn't customizable to allow it to dim after a specified time, but it will keep it from dimming at all. Better than nothing!

  • You should read again the question. – DeLiK Sep 20 '12 at 14:06

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