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-I just found out that model on the back of the phone is 0P6B100 while it's 0P6B700 in getvar, I found that out after trying all the x.xx.651.x RUUs flashed down below cuz i thought it needed sprint RUU

first of all everytime i reboot i find the same apps installed , pics and missed calls no matter how many times i erase all that and if i installed new apps every reboot it's not there, I wanted to get it back to stock as new but i couldn't and here what i have tried :-

1-couldn't flash stock or custom recovery [failed (Remote : Not allowed)] cuz bootloader is locked, And i couldn't unlock bootloader .

-(after getting unlock code from HTCdev.com and installing it and after selecting yes on the phone to unlock bootloader, phone just reboots)

2-tried to flash RUU (3.30.651.2 & 4.25.651.14) Wizard while phone was on fastboot mode


-Phone couldn't boot into bootloader while on fastboot mode so it reboots regularly.

3-tried to flash RUU (3.30.651.2 & 4.25.651.14) wizard while phone was on


-did the first steps ok but again when wizard is waiting for bootloader while phone was in fastboot mode, it just reboot regularly.

4-tried renaming another (4.25.651.14) RUU to 0P6BIMG.zip and put it on sd-card and went to Hboot.


-after clicking yes to confirm the update, Phone rebooted in the middle of the steps .

5-tried flashing same 0P6BIMG.zip from recovery mode.


-after 3 mins of hope crushed by verifying update package.... - Installation aborted....

6-tried flashing RUU.zip via fastboot


-phone just reboots regularly when trying to reboot RUU .

-here is some photos and getvar



version: 0.5



version-cpld: None

version-microp: None

version-main: 3.30.651.2

version-misc: PVT SHIP S-OFF

imei2: Not Support

meid: **************

product: m8_whl

platform: hTCBmsm8974

modelid: 0P6B70000

cidnum: 11111111

battery-status: good

battery-voltage: 0mV

partition-layout: Generic

security: off

build-mode: SHIP

boot-mode: FASTBOOT

commitno-bootloader: d4c3cae5

hbootpreupdate: 11

gencheckpt: 0

----------HBoot Menu----------

  • Locked *







eMMC-boot 2048

Jul 7 2014,20:03:18.3

-I want to erase everything and start over with any rom or any recovery.

-Thanks in advance...

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    Could you format properly your question? – Toto Mar 17 '18 at 10:32

You will need to unlock the bootloader of your m8 before being able to flash any RUU or custom ROM on it.

In order to do that, I suggest you to visit the XDA forum for the m8 - bootloader threads (XDA is clearly the best site for anything phone related), and try to find one of the many ways to do it that suits your phone and its current state (you might have to change the bootmode - it is now on fastboot).

Best of luck.

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