I recently tried rooting my Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0 (SM-T377P) using Odin and TWRP. I have successfully installed TWRP and the latest version of Superuser. When I try and boot, it gets on a very slow boot loop on the Samsung Galaxy Tab E screen with the yellow text "Set Warranty Bit : Kernel".

I think this is from the Samsung Security telling me I have voided the warranty. I know some people say to boot into TWRP and clear cache and data, which I've already done, but it still shows.

Is there a fix for this?


You can completely restore your device by downloading stock firmware and flashing it using Odin.

About "Set Warranty Bit: Kernel", a root method usually applies patches to kernel and Samsung bootloader detects that modification. However, this isn't a thing to be worried about unless, of course, you prefer warranty over cool modifications. Samsungs Knox will also not work if the Warranty bit is 1.

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