I'm running Android Oreo 8.1 on a Pixel XL. When I go to Settings > Network & Internet > Data usage > Network restrictions, I notice that all of my saved wifi networks are listed. Under each one, it says "Automatic". When I select one of the networks in the list, I see "Automatic", "Metered", and "Not metered". What does "Automatic" mean in this context?

  • As per this , if you set up metered WiFi , new WiFi are automatically added to metered by choosing the automatic option. You may try
    – beeshyams
    Mar 22, 2018 at 3:12

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As far as I can tell from looking at the code, "Automatic" means the network is metered if it meets at least one of these heuristics:

(I found the code links by searching the LineageOS source code on GitHub and opening the corresponding AOSP files, since the AOSP repository browser doesn't appear to support searching; maybe there's another way.)

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