I'm a newbie to digging into Android this deep, so please bear with me. FYI I'm more familiar with PC's, with a smattering of the back office side of things from muddling along. So any response couched in familiar terms would be welcome.

I'm in the same situation as this: Rooting Samsung Galaxy S II GT-i9100, which I've read along with the associated comments. Specifically I have notes in a notebook app which I'm very keen to recover. I have no idea where these apps actually store information and whether or not it's embedded in some way.

I gather following the advice given may/will remove/replace all the apps along with the 'kernel'(aka Operating System??)? Will this process lose the data?

Critically I don't know if the data I'm after is considered 'my/your data' in the context of the response given.


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