It used to work and 1 fine day - I kept getting host is not reachable when I tried to access shared windows folder in same WLAN via Android file explorer utilities ( tried X-plorer and ES file explorer ) . All of a sudden smb shares for windows cannot be seen at all.
Issue can be @ 3 places

  • Phone
  • Router
  • PC

What I did

  • Changed Wireless router ( used my 4g modem for a while ) . Problem persisted and also using terminal emulator I can successfully ping my router but not my PC in Question .So issue is NOT with router supposedly
  • Android Phone - if that was the case - ping to router would not work. So I doubt this but not 100% ruled out
  • Windows PC : My hunch went here. I did everything I could including whatever solutions were suggested by this post here .

In addition I did 3 system restores back in time to make sure my anti virus installation on PC did not mess things up ( back in time before install ) . tried other regedit hacks - nothing worked.

Between last 2 how do I abs confirm where the issue. What could have changed ? any solutions ? I am rooted on xperia Z running android 6 that is the first time I troubleshoot to ensure that I got the right IP and the IP address for the network I meant remains the same there is a setting in the router when you can Reserve IP and that letting has been used.

If I do \\IP address\\share name then that share is accessible . .smb stack has been implemented as a client in Windows through CIFS which expands to common Internet file system, from Windows 8 onwards I believe this is in additional Windows component that can be added and removed. but in Windows 7 which is what I am on, although it is implemented there is no component to be removed or added for this and all settings are there in registry there is a setting for SMB1 and smb2 in registry and all the settings have been enabled. what puzzles me is that I did System restore , two three times 2 points where I definitely knew it used to work.

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