I have a Samsung Galaxy Edge with Android 7.0. I want to rule my phone with my voice without touching it even if it's locked. I mean some basic functions, like unlocking the phone. So whenever I say my secret word my phone will unlock, or if I say "how many notifications" it will say "no new notifications" for example (without unlocking the phone). Is this possible or is there an app for this?

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I think if you search about it you may find application to do this, but i don't recommend it. because application like that need to turn on mic and process voices coming from it whole the time which shortens battery life.


The unlocking can be done via Voice Access. Refer to this answer, at worst you may need to apply screen grid to input touches by screen coordinate. As for the custom commands, I would go about that using a PC to deliver ADB commands, but the caveat obviously being the hardware dependency. Actually, I've made similar scripts in the past except for RainMeter (one-click unlock, etc.).

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