My Galaxy S3 Neo has stopped working without any clear reason! I woke up and looked at my phone screen. It was showing the logo of Samsung. Then I turned it off by removing the battery. Since then I have been trying to turn it on but again it stuck on the logo screen. I tried first, "wipe cache partition" from recovery menu (by pressing power bottom+home+volume up) but it did not work. Second, I tried using another battery and it shows that the battery works well. Third, I start using the safe mode but it could be loaded. There I have two questions:

  1. I do not want to miss my personal information, photos, apps, etc. which are in my internal storage. This is very important for me. Please help me:(
  2. What should I do with the problem?

If you have tried enough booting and it won't boot than all feasible option you have are

  • look if only flashing system partition is possible and if it doesnt remove your data

  • or if it is possible to root without loss of data, if possible do so and install recovery and extract your data to PC and reflash the firmware

  • thank you for your answer. Can you suggest a link which includes more information about the solutions you offered, please?
    – Saeed Bidi
    Mar 31 '18 at 18:13
  • Will try to find if i can and post back here else you will have to Google it Mar 31 '18 at 18:34

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