I have Swiftkey installed.

I get a notification all the time about choosing my keyboard. I can get it to go away for a short time by selecting

Settings -> Language & Keyboard -> Current keyboard 

Then selecting Swiftkey. But the notification comes back 30-60 mins later (I haven't timed it).

How do I get this to stop showing up? There are instructions on the Swiftkey site that are either outdated or don't apply to my phone: the settings don't look like that.

The relevant AE answer is 5 years old.



As of now all i can see is there are only 2 possible solutions

1) keep only one keyboard as suggested in 5 year old question
2) or keep all keyboards but disable all except for the one that you use by going to setting->language & input->virtual keyboard->manage keyboards, here disable all except one that you use regularly

Tried and tested on stock nougat 7.0 on moto g5+

  • "virtual keyboard": my phone does not have this. I have "Keyboard & Input methods" and there is no "Manage keyboards" option in that group. – jcollum Mar 31 '18 at 19:19
  • Try finding somewhere in language and input setting it should be there else you have only 1st above stated solution left – Harsh Gundecha Apr 1 '18 at 14:49

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