Is it normal that quick charging only works when plugging the (original) USB Typ-C cable in orientation 1 into the phone and not in orientation 2? I mean it is symmetrical, I would have expected that both ways work. Is there a problem with my phone or is this the intended behaviour? I read that article about USB PD but it could not answer my question.


From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB-C#USB_Power_Delivery

USB Power Delivery uses one of CC1, CC2 pins for power negotiation up to 20 V at 5 A (or whatever less the source can provide). It is transparent to any data transmission mode, and can therefore be used together with any of them.

Representation of USB-C Pinout:

GND     TX1+    TX1−    VBUS    CC1  D+ D−  SBU1    VBUS    RX2−    RX2+    GND
GND     RX1+    RX1−    VBUS    SBU2 D− D+  CC2     VBUS    TX2−    TX2+    GND

So I'm thinking that both the phone and the power brick that is providing power will only use one of the CC1/CC2 lines and if you twist the cable the negotiation line won't be able to connect.

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