Having an issue with work profile, created through Mobile Iron Go. After de-registering the device, tried removing work profile. On selecting "Delete" on prompt, the profile got deleted from Accounts. But re-installing Mobile Iron Go is not allowing re-configuration:

The message I am seeing is:

You have set up a work profile. To continue using MobileIron Go, please use the badged version of the application

Is there any way to remove work profile left-overs without resetting mobile or removing cache from recovery console?


I was able to delete the work profile.

Reference: OnePlus Forum discussion thread

Root cause: Oreo allows to have more than one work profile and OnePlus was adding a work profile by default (not sure).

We have to use adb to remove it.

These are the commands:

adb shell pm list users

Now you will get this list of users (or profiles) running in your device:

UserInfo{0:Your Name:13} running
UserInfo{999:Multi-App:4000030} running

In this case, the default profile ("Your Name") has the USER_ID 0, and the work profile has the user USER_ID 999. The second one is the one created by OnePlus to get parallel apps, so you have to launch a command to remove it:

adb shell pm remove-user 999

And there you go. Work profile deleted successfully.


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