I have a Huawei Y330-U05 cell phone (with Android Jelly Bean). Today, I was browsing the web as usual, when the cell phone suddenly restarted by itself. When the phone was back on again, it displayed an image with the following text:


The user data partition cannot be used again, please select opertion as follows.

  • Backup

  • Factory data reset

  • Reboot


(See the image here.)

As I already have a backup, I selected Factory data reset, but this option won't reset the phone.

I have also tried a hard reset. I turned the phone on holding the power key and the volume up key at the same time, and then I selected wipe data/factory reset. After selecting Yes -- delete all user data, the phone displayed a message stating the operation had been successful. But when the phone restarts, nothing has actually been reset or erased from my phone.

I'm unable to use my phone because it keeps restarting over and over again and showing the EmergencyData screen.

So, I went here and downloaded the HUAWEI Y330 Firmware (a .zip file). After extracting the .zip file, I found a folder named dload. This folder contains a single file named UPDATE.APP.

I tried following the instructions in this video (in this video, the process finishes successfully). Basically, I copied the UPDATE.APP file to an SD card. Then, I restarted the phone and selected apply update from sdcard, but the file UPDATE.APP doesn't show up for me to select it. Maybe it's not working for me because the downloaded UPDATE.APP file is for Huawei Y330-U15 or because I'm doing something wrong. How should install the file successfully in order to restore my phone? Thanks in advance!

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    That very much sounds like the internal storage chip broke. I'd suggest you contact Huawei customer care; you'll probably have to send in the device and get a replacement.
    – Izzy
    Apr 3, 2018 at 4:59

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you must move the dload folder to the external sd card but this card must be formatted because otherwise, the dload folder does not appear when you are going to install the firmware.


Hold down power and volume up and when you see Huawei logo release power key and what until Android logos comes up.

Finally you should see update from external storage.


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