I'm trying to set up a nice little android 7.1 system to attach to my TV using a HDMI cable though I'm having a bit of trouble with the resolution. I'm getting a black border around the screen - See the below image. enter image description here

This is what the laptop screen looks like below. enter image description here

I've plugged in another laptop that has windows installed and noted down the resolution which is 1280x768. I've also found the corresponding vga values both 16 and 32. 1280x768x16 = 888 and 1280x768x32 = 889

When I add either of these to the menu.lst file I get a message on boot stating that I'm using an undefined video number.

Like the below image: enter image description here

I've typed scan to get the video modes available but there are no resolutions that match the aspect ratio of my screen. I've tested the ones listed but they still either don't take up the whole screen or match the aspect ratio.

The below image shows a list of codes that I have found. enter image description here

The laptop I'm running this on is pretty old but with windows or any of the other Linux distros I've found I have no problem.

System Specs

Is there any way of getting around this? Or am I going about this the wrong way?

Many thanks!!! :)

Let me know if I need to provide more info!


OK I've managed to figure it out incase anyone was wondering.

Instead of booting with a vga=someNumber I used video=LVDS-1:d. This works a treat! :)

The only problem with this is would be that it doesn't use the laptop screen at all. But for me this is not a problem really.

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