An android newbie here --- I've recently got my first Android phone (HTC Desire S) and I'm trying to clean up a mess of my contacts from a sim card (three of them, in fact). For example, a certain Edward Bloggs might have several entries:

  • Edward Bloggs @london, mob

  • Eddie B @london, home [it's his nickname, we all call him Eddie B]

  • Eddie @hawaii [he's got a vacation home in there, and... er... who likes paying roaming charges anyway] All these are in the 'first name' field or split randomly by the phone into the first, middle and last names.

  • there are, of course, google entries from me sending emails to both his work and personal emails.

Now, the question is --- is there a tool which can aid in merging these contacts? Preferably something where one could select which ones to merge. Anything short of exporting all contacts onto a PC and manually editing the vcf files would be great.


One thing you can do is open the Contacts application then press menu and go to "Import/Export". From there, you import from SIM card and import them to your google account. Once you have imported all the contacts, open the google contacts manager and click on "More", then select "Find & Merge Duplicates".

enter image description here

You may have to go through and edit some manually if they have really different names. But then you can merge again if needed.

  • Thanks! Nevertheless, is there a standalone tool? A separate question is if there is any sort of heuristics: the HTC Contacts application does not seem to recognize E.S.Bloggs@domain.com and e.s.bloggs@domain.com to be a prime candidate for merging. – ev-br Feb 13 '12 at 1:54

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