I have an BLU Advance 5, and of course I already have the same problem than other users have around the Androidrbx and Swak News. I still have no answer about how to stop vicious routine of uninstalling these two apps that keep reinstalling themselves on Android phones with broad permissions, but what I found was that the Launcher app is the main app that calls the installation of Androidrbx, and that this last one calls for Swak News.

Androidrbx is an app delivered from Umeng ( A Chinese company defined as "the leading mobile app analytical platform in China") and Swak News is an app from the same source that collects some personal data to send it to Umeng.

Swak News is recognized by many antivirus programs as malware, but androidrbx does not have the same tag.

The question: how to stop uninstalling these files? How to make any antivirus program detect any of the files and stop the unwanted installation?

I think that any antivirus program should detect the corruption of the "launcher".

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