I have YU Yuphoria 5010...When i start Mobile it shows CYANOGEN then "optimizing apps ..." and then it complete and again starts optimizing.

My main concern is internal data... I don't want to wipe it out. Please help me out as soon.

Also my mobile is not rooted and does not have twrp.

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I got my solution to this problem. In one of post it is mentioned that start phone in safe mode. And i do so and really it WORKS!!!!

Just press volume down key after first time optimizing ends and then it will boot in safe mode.Here is detailed answer that i mentioned


I was once struck in a boot loop and when I went to service centre, they found that it was not a software but a battery problem. Try getting it changed.

  • Thanks ansh. I had do that but in my case it is not battery issue. I have heard many of device had battery issue. Commented Apr 4, 2018 at 16:45

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