I haven't changed anything (as far as I know) and the text color of my status bar on the home screen changed from white to black. Is there any easy way to change it back?

  • Did you change the home screen wallpaper? Usually, this happens because a change in the wallpaper was made; in your case, white to black. You might came with a darker wallpaper before it changes to black. Try setting a dark wallpaper on your home screen, and see if the text color of the status bar will change back to white. – Lloyd Dominic Apr 10 '18 at 7:42
  • @LloydDominic I have not changed my wall paper, and it is dark. Thats why i'm asking. Its almost impossible to see the black status bar against a mostly black background. – A__Potato Apr 10 '18 at 12:13
  • What phone is it, and what home screen app are you using? Please edit your question to add these details. – Dan Hulme Sep 19 '18 at 23:43

If your phone has the Nova launcher then you can. After an update i got an error message the the Nova launcher force stopped and the status bar text went black. Re-enabled Nova launcher and it has a setting under "look and feel" to make the bar transparent.

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