Yesterday I accidentally turned my Nexus 5 on in Safe Mode by holding the volume key down while booting. I turned it off, and when I turned it on again, I found my Twitter app was crashing repeatedly, both when running in the background, and when I tried to open the app.

I've tried multiple things to fix it but no use. I've tried clearing cache and clearing data. I've tried turning it off and on again. Not even uninstalling and reinstalling seems to work, in fact, logging in seems to be broken: when I try to log in with my correct details, I get sent back a screen (and receive the email saying there has been a log in made). When I try logging in again, I get a "cannot create user" error. Then twitter starts crashing repeatedly as usual.

  • What's your question? – Dan Hulme Apr 9 '18 at 18:25
  • The question is, how do I fix it? How can I log in to the twitter app, access my twitter, and have it run without it crashing as soon as I start it, or it crashing while in the background? – user6788715 Apr 9 '18 at 22:00

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