Using ADB tools for Android (my device had root), I executed the following command:

adb backup -all

After confirming the backup operation, I got a file titled backup.ab that is 350MB. A month later, my device booted with a System UI crash, and would not let me access anything on it. I got a new one (same model), and it is unrooted. What would running the command

adb restore backup.ab

restore to my Android? I want to know what is in the backup (and what restoring it would do), because I want to keep my current userdata. The new device also has a more stable system, so I would not want to restore that, either.

NOTE: This question was marked as duplicate and then ignored, so it has been deleted and reposted.

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.ab backups only apps data and their apks as well as system settings.

What is contained:

  • apks and their data
  • user vocabulary
  • wallpaper
  • launcher settings

What is not contained:

  • contacts
  • sms
  • ringtones and custom sounds
  • activated input layouts

More detailed is here.

  • Tak he note that SMSs are not backed up might be outdated, or at least vendor-specific. In my experience, they are backed up.
    – v6ak
    Commented Apr 22, 2018 at 7:12

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