I do not know English so I don't know very specific nouns for things. My question is how's the highlighted message box called. I want to implement similar message in my application, but I can't without even knowing its name. In case this is not the correct website for a question like this, I'm sorry, but I have no idea where to ask this.

image which contains the thing


It's a Toast.

A toast provides simple feedback about an operation in a small popup. It only fills the amount of space required for the message and the current activity remains visible and interactive. Toasts automatically disappear after a timeout.

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Its called as a Toast message. You can set the message you want to show and you can set how long it will appear on sceeen.


Toast.makeText(context, "your message", duration); //to create toast message toast.show(); // to display Toast message

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It's called a Toast message and you can use one in your application very easily with the below codes

Using a String in /values/strings

Toast.makeText(this, String.format(this.getString(R.string.Toast), dst), Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show(); 

Using a String in code

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