I need to edit a simple plain text file. Is there a built-in text editor that comes with Android? I have Android 7, LG Stylo 3.

I just need to open a text file, and enter some words: cat dog etc

I need to edit text, then share it via email or have it saved in Android file system so I can share it later.

Second question: if there is no such a thing, what is the simplest plain text editor app available for such task?


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No AFAICT, unless it it is preinstalled by the device manufacturer, for example some devices like Xiaomi, Huawei come with a preinstalled document editor (WPS), which not allows you to view but to edit text files as well.

As suggested above, stock android only comes with with text viewer , not editor, in any case if you need to install it, please see Izzy's list of suggested text editors


Yes. I'm on Lenovo k8 note right now which is running stock Android 8.0. I was looking if it has some built-in text editor like vi in unix based systems. I installed terminal emulator and looked for vi, vim and nano but got no luck. Then I tried sed(Stream EDitor) which also comes preinstalled with most unix based systems, and it worked well. So, yeah you can use sed to do some command line text manipulation.

  • This does not answer the question. On Android you have no command line. You should delete this wrong answer.
    – Elmue
    Dec 28, 2023 at 21:47

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