My phone is in a boot loop. It shows the Google text and restarts after few seconds. Not even the animation starts. It is the same if I start recovery mode.

I have windows 10, "Android ADB Interface" driver from Google and the phone shows up in device manager when i connect when the phone is in the bootloader screen (power + down).

I only can communicate with the phone when it is on the bootloader screen. For fastboot devices the phone shows up but not for adb devices. I tried all my usb ports.

DEVICE STATE - locked and unlocking from OEM is disabled.

I tried to connect to LGUP in Download Mode (power + up) with no success it doesn't recognise the phone.

I tried to unlock with Nexus Root Toolkit but it restarting my device and waiting for it but it restarts before the program recognizing it.

If I could make it work with LGUP or I could unlock somehow I could flash it with an image what can disable the big cores so the bootloop probably goes away.

I don't mind losing data. Any advice?

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