I've been using Moto E3 and G4 before and had absolutely no problems in using custom / own alarm tones on these devices / Android versions (on both Android 6, 7.0 and 7.1 in case of G4).

Now, I have purchased Moto G5 and whenever I go to Clock > Alarm > [alarm] > Ringtone > Your sounds > Add new some kind of weird file browsers opens that allows me to pick alarm ringtones from only: "Audio" and "Downloads" folders giving me "Recent" and "OneDrive" options in addition.

enter image description here

How can I select alarm ringtone from (system default?) "Alarms" folder? Or how can I force Clock app to use different file browser (i.e. system "Files Manager" or custom "Solid File Explorer"), which allows me to select a file from any folder?

Am I limited only to above mentioned folders and must copy my alarm ringtone to i.e. "Download" folder in order to use a custom alarm ringtone on Moto G5?

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In the "weird" file manager, click on the ellipses in the top right and choose Show internal storage.

enter image description here

Now you should have "Internal Storage" available in the hamburger menu (three horizontal bars) in the left.

enter image description here

You can now browse your internal storage and choose the custom alarm tone which you want to make your alarm tone and it should be applied.

  • Thank you for your comprehensive answer that actually did solve my problem. I allowed myself to change title, add some screenshots and modify your own answer a little bit to make it more complex.
    – trejder
    May 6, 2018 at 20:11

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