I'm new to android so please forgive my maybe trivial questions.

So far I've been able to root my J3-2017 (TWRP+SuperSU+Nougat) and now I can access the internal file system using adb shell.

My purpose is to debloat my device. I've been able to manually delete Microsft apps (*) but I don't seem to find a way to remove UpDay which, apparently, is packaged inside the default theme.

The question is: does anybody know a way to remove such apps from a theme?

Thank you

(*) this is how I did remove Office:

adb shell 


mount -o rw,remount /system

find / -iname '*Excel*'




rm /data/data/com.microsoft.office.Excel


Sorry, really a stupid question!

Actually the problem was that I could not find the correct package name for Upday. After a lot of google digging I've been able to discover the mistery.

The package is de.axelspringer.yana.zeropage (so where is "upday").

a normal find / -iname '*axelspringer*' (followed by rm ...) did the trick.

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