I moved from my redmi to mi mix 2 now and used miMover app but unfortunately the words in my used keyboard gboard weren't restored. Neither does the internal synchronization work, it says something like "sync is not available for devices with G suite accounts or Android for work profile"

Couldn't yet find a working solution for this issue, so I'm thinking about re adding all words, but don't want to do this one by one. I have a wordlist as a text file which would cover at least 80% of my custom words. Any way of adding this at once to gboard dictionary?

Apart from gboard dictionary there seems to be a common Central Android custom word dictionary. Is gboard also considering words from there? In case yes, maybe there's some API/interface to this Central place so I could add those words at least there, so they could be used by gboard (and also by other keyboard apps should I ever decide to switch).

I don't mind which way to go in case at least one of both could be achieved.

Thanks so much guys!!!!

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    If you could get them out into a text file (maybe) it could be transferred to the device, and opened. Maybe then each of the words could be highlighted for inclusion? Saves the 50% of typing work, at least. If it requires typing, perhaps a great big copy/paste from the source into a clean document could induce the action? – wbogacz Apr 30 '18 at 13:11
  • I have them already in a text file, each word per line. But it's annoying to select and add them one by one, especially because gboard does sometimes only really add them after a few typings. – tim Apr 30 '18 at 14:05
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    Why one-by-one? Can't you open the text document, or copy a big list of them into any text field? Even a Messenger text field should allow a copy, especially a few hundred words at time (I don't know the upper bound). – wbogacz Apr 30 '18 at 17:35
  • Select every word one by one for inclusion, wasn't that what you suggested in your first comment? Understood it like this. A simple copy of all the words will not include them in the dictionary unfortunately. – tim May 1 '18 at 12:48
  • I was responding to the idea you were copy and pasting one at a time. The inclusion has to be singular, certainly. – wbogacz May 1 '18 at 13:58

The closest workaround I got perhaps is installing some third-party application (like User Dictionary Plus by Alessandro Paolino).

This application essentially, lets you personalize your personal dictionary with words you usually use. It learns words you’ve used on Social Networks, Messaging Apps etc. to text files.

Some of its feature include:

  • Backup/Restore your Personal Dictionary (Premium Feature). Premium Version will allow you to get Premium features and to import more words than the Free version.

User Dictionary Plus also allows importing of words from Text File but this is a premium feature:

enter image description here

Note from author: The App works correctly with keyboards that access to Android User Dictionary (for example: GBoard from Google).

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