I tried to revert a HTC 10 to stock by following this guide. The original CID was 11111111 and the MID was 2PS630000.

Because I don't have access to Windows, I tried the "RUU Zip method". I downloaded the file under "CID: HTC__001/HTC__034/HTC__A07/HTC__J15/HTC__M27/HTC__016/HTC__002 | MID: 2PS620000" on this page.

Then I changed the CID to HTC__001 and the MID to 2PS620000. I put the zip file in the SD card and booted into fastboot mode. Then I flashed the zip.

It gave me the following error: "RU_SIGNATURE_FAIL" and it said "Press power button to continue". I pressed the power button and then the phone just turned off.

Now I can't get it to life by pressing any of the Vol.Up+Power / Vol.Down+Power of Power button combinations.

The phone does not show any sign of life at all - no charging LEDs/or heating.

When I plug it into a computer and do lsusb, it is listed as:

Bus 001 Device 004: ID 05c6:900e Qualcomm, Inc.

My question now is: can I do anything to unbrick this phone?

Will letting it completely decharge help? Or does it sound like that something went wrong with the firmware?

Is it solvable via JTAG (with the help of a professional maybe)?

  • Can you confirm that the battery is not dead? I think the phone juste turned off because the battery was low. Try charging it and reflash again. By the way, CID 11111111 means the phone can accept any RUU without restrictions. You should also unlock the bootloader to be able to bypass the signature check. – esQmo_ May 4 '18 at 23:40

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