My UleFone Armor 2 has 4700 mAh, but I would like to limit it to 60% to reduce battery ag**g. The battery in more and more phones is not user-replaceable thanks to Apple's toxic influence on the mobile phone market, and I am worried that a factory/service battery replacement might affect water resistance negatively.

How can I limit the charging to 60%? (But not limiting charging speed. I love fast charging.)

Lenovo ThinkPads have a built-in feature that does this, called “battery preservation mode”.

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    I have always charged my phones to 100, and even kept them plugged in overnight all year long after each day's use, and so far none of them had any battery issues. – NVZ May 15 at 14:02
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    I've done this since my Nokia N73, N82, Nokia 6233, Nokia E52, Samsung Galaxy W, many years ago.. then I have done so for all my phones including Samsung Galaxy S4, Duos, HTC 728, OnePlus One, 3T, Nokia 8, 5.1 Plus, etc to name some. – NVZ May 16 at 19:49
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    @NVZ That merely proves that your battery lifespan has been ok for you, not that it couldn't have been better if you used more optimal charge cycles. It is well known that doing full cycles (e.g. 0 to 100%) will wear out your battery faster than e.g. 30% to 80% cycles. All batteries will degrade over time, and you have had issues with all of those batteries, just not serious enough that you noticed or cared. Also typically a battery will last around 500 cycles before you start to notice anything. – JBentley May 29 at 22:29
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    @JBentley I'm aware, thanks. Another fact is, keeping it plugged in overnight does not have a significantly harmful effect on the battery. It is however better in the long run to unplug it if fully charged. – NVZ May 31 at 0:32
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    @NVZ Do you have a citation / source for that? What I've read is the opposite (see here for example). Charging every time to 100% can half or worse your lifespan, depending on which lower cutoff point you choose. – JBentley May 31 at 11:06

There now is a hardware+app solution for that, it's called Chargie. https://chargie.org

Basically, Chargie is a Bluetooth switch that is linked to an app on your phone. You set the desired level of charging, the app runs in the background and stops the charge at the percentage you set.

*disclosure: I am the CEO of Lighty Electronics, we have developed this solution and this isn't meant to be a spammy post with a link, but rather a very relevant solution to this issue. As far as I know, there are no other manufacturers of such devices.

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Many ways - all of course, need root. Without root, it's not possible and you can only be notified either by automation or using an app as suggested in Chang's answer

Above modules not tried by me


Accu​Battery can notify you when the battery charge reaches a certain level. It won't stop the charging, unfortunately, but it's still worth a try. :)


My solution is to just use a CountDowntimer on the power outlet, set at 1:20 for me. One hit on the CD button to start the power (ON), and after 1:20 it's OFF again which will be at about 80% charge.

I use this: https://www.clasohlson.com/se/Digitalt-kopplingsur/32-8618

Today you can buy a smart power outlet controlled with an app. It shouldn't be long until that app can turn of the power outlet charging the cellphone when it reaches 60%.


If your phone is rooted, do prefer an opensource Advanced Charging Controller module to flash either from Magisk or Twrp or any root solution u have choose. Here is the Github link for all details.

My experience in this module is, I am using this on my Oneplus 5 for about a year now, it doesn't disappoint me. It creates a charging loop. You can change it's default preference by typing acc commands. 80% is the default stopping point. And there is heating machining where its charge/discharge on & off if ur phone is expected to reach a peak point, which is a nice way to tackle the heating issue which is generally seen while charging.

If any problem occurs u can ask him on telegram or create an issue on Github.

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