Im looking for root files for my android so i can save it in my sd card and set my bootloader to boot my sd card so i can root my phone without loading a custom ROM. Can anyone help me out with this?

  • More specifically a for my phone or any file that will work and i can load from my android – Aleczander May 10 at 4:49
  • What makes you think you need a custom ROM for rooting? You just need to get some files to specific locations. That can e.g. be done by flashing them via recovery – though the stock recovery usually doesn't permit that, so you'd need a custom recovery (like twrp or CWM), which would require you to onlock the bootloader. For some devices there are specific rooting methods, for others it suffices to flash e.g. SuperSU – and one method working for many devices is magisk. – Izzy May 10 at 10:59
  • I know how to unlock my bootloader i just cant seem to find the files for my phone anywhere on the internet – Aleczander May 10 at 11:11
  • If your device isn't officially supported by any coston recovery, best place to check for an "inofficial version" is at XDA. – Izzy May 10 at 13:40

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