How do I use these features and can they both be used on one alarm?


Snooze - Instead of shutting the alarm off, it would pause it allowing you to sleep for few more minutes. If you see your settings, you could notice the snooze minutes viz - 5, 10, 15 minutes and you can also keep custom minutes. When the alarm rings and you feel like having a quick 5 min extended sleep, you hit the snooze option. This comes handy since you dont need to wakeup, set another alarm for next 5-10 minute and doze off.

Dismiss - This cancels/shuts the alarm down for that day & time. You click on the dismiss option when you are ready to ware up!

Auto Snooze That means if there isn't any action (if you don't hit the snooze options) system automatically snooze and again the alarm rings after the x minutes as per the snooze interval. If this auto snooze is not set, you would probably get a notification as "missed alarm". I just updated the answer aswell.

Hope that helps!


Snooze means delaying the alarm to a certain time. For example, I set an alarm at 7am and the snooze time is 5 minutes. After ringing for some time(dismissed you may call it), it will turn off and snoozes till 7:05am for the next ring. Dismiss means the alarm is completely turned off. If you do not interact with your phone for a certain while the alarm is on, it will be automatically dismissed(turned-off).


Snooze. Means pause after sometime it will star again Dismiss.Means that unbehavier of a thing and you ignore all Mistakes and cut it down or exit from it or quite it

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