I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 with Android 7.0 that had about 29GB of 32GB memory full. I then tried to post a large video file (3+GB) from Google Drive over to my Instagram, but it got stuck on Instagram's "loading" screen for quite a while. I thought maybe the system was hanging, so I backed out and closed all my phone apps. Since then, my phone's file storage went to 100% full, and I can't find that video file anywhere on my system to delete it.

Is there a way to find where that file is to delete it? It's not showing in My Files, it's not showing as a hidden file, and it's not showing under any file management apps that I've tried on Google Play. I know that this is the file that's causing the error, but I can't find it to delete it. If you have any recommendations, let me know.


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This is an outright guess, but the first thing to check is to clear the cache of both apps. Go to the Settings app, then Apps. Select the Instagram app from the list, then Storage and Clear cache. Do the same for the Google Drive app.

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