I try to remove google apps from android x86 dowloaded from here and I managed to make it run over virtualbox, afterwards in installed it to a virtual hard disk.

But I want on it to remove any google-based apps and run with free-software alternatives. So I installed via fdroid the /system/app mover but when I try to move any app I get the error:

Could not remount /system

So using the onboard terminal I followed the instructions provided.

I managed to become root and run the command:

mount -o rw,remount system

But I got the error:

'/dev/loop1' is read-only

How I can fix that.

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I just had this, you just reinstall it on the same drive. Say do not format say skip to the GRUB question and then yes to making /system writable.

It will then reboot and everything will be as it was with a writable /system folder. I know the last guy said this but he/she didn't mention you won't lose your files :D

Posting here as I couldn't find this anywhere else.


My guess is that you installed the androidx86 using fast install from advanced options. Please reinstall the Android x84 and select the /system to get mounted as rw as you can see in the image bellow:

Mount /system as writable

PS: Even if the image is rather old it still stays the same during installation.

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