The PC can use the phone's connection while tethering without problems, while the phone at the same time can't.

Im using my LG G6 to give my Win10 PC internet access via USB tethering. While the PC has a pretty stable connection, the phone will "lose" its mobile data connection a couple of minutes after re/booting. The tray icon shows no network name next to the connection bars (see LTE in this picture). Once the mobile data connection is lost, ony a reboot will return it.

  • Putting the phone on airplane mode: after disabling airplane mode again, the PC takes half a minute to regain a connection while the phone's stays dead.
  • Disabling/Reenabling data: same as with airplane mode.
  • Disabling the USB tethering doesn't fix it either once the phone's connection is lost.

The Network settings page lists the following (translated):

Network:            o2 - de+
Signal strength:    -79 dBm  17 asu
Network type:       HSPAP
Service status:     currently active
Roaming:            No roaming
Network status:     connected
IP address:         [my IP address]

The Signal strength occasionally jumps to -81dBm 18 asu.
I got the phone about three weeks ago. The last factory reset was about two weeks ago. More information about the device:

Model number:       LG-H870
Android version:    7.0
Baseband version:   MPSS.TH.2.0.1.c3.1-000180M8996FAAAANAZM-1.115847.1.116165.1

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