I'm having a really bad week as far as my tech and I might have to do a factory reset on my phone. In the process, I discovered nearly all of my WhatsApp data has been wiped out (the conversations are still there, as far as I can tell, but the media files are all gone) BUT there's a month-old backup of my WhatsApp still on Google Drive. This backup is 2 GB worth of data whereas the app currently only has 180 MB of data. I've turned off automatic backups, but I can't lose a month's worth of conversations (including multiple projects) in the factory reset. How do I download and/or rename the Google Drive data so that it doesn't get overwritten but I can still backup the most current data/conversations?


  • 2 GB WhatsApp data in the cloud: a month old, pre-corruption and hence 'complete'
  • 180 MB WhatsApp data on my phone: current, post-corruption hence 'incomplete' BUT has complete and updated conversations that occurred over the past month.
  • How do I protect the 'complete' backup from being overwritten by the incomplete but most up-to-date backup prior to a factory reset? Alternatively, is there a way to export my current chats en masse in a readable format?
  • An improvisation could be to set up a new google drive account for your future backups. – Prime May 19 '18 at 7:02

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