I am running Android 7.0 Nougat. In this post o am concerned with whether in this operating system or later systems Android supports application sharing across multiple user accounts. While it is true that most apps are free or inexpensive, it is also true that some apps are more expensive, and poor households where a smartphone or a tablet may be shared across members of the family may benefit from being able to share apps, including paid apps, across different accounts, on the very same device (smartphone or tablet). This seems to me like it would be proper use of the multi user account feature on Android, (as without this the household would have to simply install all apps on the single device they owned, and issues of cross-household-member-privacy would arise, which, to me, justifies the existence of a multi-year feature in the first place.

That being said, and assuming app sharing across accounts is possible, suppose I am the owner of the "master account" (not sure if this would be called the root account or what), or even another account, and I wanted to share my app with another user on the device or with everyone on the device. Is it possible to share the app with just one particular other user without sharing it with all household members in the group? For instance one may have a family finances app which one may want to share with just one spouse, or some other scenario.

Similarly, an account user might not want to see some apps that were shared to their account. If they remove the app, they will not be able to see it and reinstall it to their account later. Perhaps this isn't much of an issue either as the user could simply not open apps they were not interested in.

Another issue could be that a user might want to use the same server account across app sharing, across accounts, but this shouldn't be much of an issue either as a properly designed app will allow for proper data access using separate accounts.

But the real question I am trying to get at in this post is, how do I, in Android 7.0 Nougat and later, after downplaying an app, and paying for it if it is a paid app, share it app that another or all other users on the device may access it, possibly establishing a separate in-app account with username and password on their shared app "instance"? How do I share the downloaded app from the songs on my account?


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